Artist of the Week: Dominika Chmurzynska

‘I don’t draw for anybody but myself, so I just draw images I find most aesthetically appealing and enjoyable to recreate’


Dominika is currently studying Politics and Philosophy at the London School of Economics. Drawing has been a hobby of hers for years, used as a method of getting respite from academic work and a way to take time for herself and reflect. She has been developing this drawing style since she was about 14, so for over 4 years now, without any formal art training beyond GCSE because ‘I quickly learned I do not like being told what to do’.

Dominika enjoys the slow build up of drawing the dots and lines and find it most enjoyable to work with pen, although she does plan on teaching herself to paint soon. Dominika uses Cass Art 120gsm cartridge paper and Staedtler fineliner pens.

In terms of inspiration for her drawings, she often uses photos of models she find on Instagram and in magazines as references.

‘Apart from preferring portraits, I don’t have any specific criteria for the type of photos I like to draw. What usually inspires me to copy a photo is if it gives me an opportunity to draw long smooth lines and strong shadows.’

You can find more of Dominika’s incredible work on Instagram linked below


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