Artist of the Week: Sophie Gottlieb

“I love to include social issues in my work such as gender, feminism and mental health. I’m keen to do this because I love to encourage conversation on these topics through my work”

sophie 5

Sophie Gottlieb is 18 years old, has just finished art A level and is hopefully going on to study a BA in fine art.

Her inspirations include Hannah Hill and Laurie Vincent; both include social issues in their work. Hill particularly inspired Sophie’s A Level work through her embroidery that portrays feminist struggles.

“I love the way that Hill uses colour in her work and focuses on the issues of minorities. I look forward to including those ideas in some of the work that I will do at university”

Sophie hopes one day be an art therapist, where she will be using her art to encourage people with mental illness to create.

sophie 1

“I’m so excited to do this, knowing I’d be improving these people’s lives. I’ve also just ordered some embroidery equipment, and am hoping to embroider clothes and pieces to sell, as I think it would be epic for people to wear my designs.”

Find Sophie on twitter @sophgottlieb

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