Artist of the Week: Charlotte Grocutt

 “Conceptually, I’m interested in how discarded objects and materials can be used to create new narratives. My most recent project used a sociological approach to explore how discarded objects may or may not differ based on a socio-economic comparison of two locations”

char 5

Charlotte Grocutt is a Fine Artist from Oxford. She works primarily with sculpture but more recently has begun to explore how three dimensional and two-dimensional art practices can be used in conjunction with each other.

char 4

“The process of my practice is very methodical, I select a location, collect objects and photograph them in location and then take them home to study them. I record each object I collect, measuring, weighing and numbering them – it’s quite time consuming but I think this process is an important part of my work, I’m not just picking up rubbish – I’m creating my own taxonomy and beginning to understand the objects as art. Once in the studio I photograph the objects again with artificial light and plain backdrop.”  

char 3

Charlotte’s approach to drawing and painting is very visceral and an immediate reaction to the subject. She likes to use discarded paper as a backdrop to create depth and texture. Her paintings are representative of an object found in its original location.

“I simplify the shape of the object to a single block line creating an easy recognisable similarity between all of my paintings; I use the photographs taken when collecting the objects to build my colour palettes and textures.

When displayed alongside each other the objects and paintings allow audiences to understand Charlotte’s process and also to see the beauty in the discarded.  

 “Fundamentally I aim to create work that encourages discussion and is accessible to everyone. I think people can be intimidated by art and I think its down to us to breakdown this high culture barrier and allow everyone to be educated and inspired by the visual arts.


Charlotte is soon to be starting at Chelsea College of Art in London, studying Fine Art.



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