Inside the Musical Brilliance of King Krule

Archy Marshall’s alternate musical persona King Krule has made an awe-consuming return to the music scene this past week. Following up his collaborative single ‘Blue Train Lines’ released earlier this year, King Krule has given fans another flavour of his bluesy electronic sound with ‘Czech One’.

The track itself begins with a chilling opening, mirroring the synth sounds of James Blake, with the distorted vocals. Archy Marshall’s hypnotic voice is complimented by the bluesy jazz piano accompaniment, contrasted with the electronic keyboard. This cleverly crafted dichotomy of jazz and synth is the basis to King Krule’s musical identity, similar to previous tracks like ‘Ceiling’ and ‘Will I Come’. The jazz influences in Marshall’s music is expressed in ‘Czech One’ through the melodic saxophone, as used in popular track ‘A Lizard State’. 


King Krule also incorporates indie rock into his work, through enthralling guitar riffs and catchy lyrics, provoking the popularity of songs like ‘Easy Easy’, ‘Ocean Bed’ and ‘Border Line’, not to mention the enthralling instrumental of older track ‘363N63‘. The influence from various genres creates the authentic concoction of musical brilliance, and firms Marshall’s originality as a solo artist.

Archy Marshall has been a must-watch on the music scene for a number of years, receiving a nomination in the BBC’s Sound of 2013 poll as well as places on many “Artists to Watch” lists. After the release of his debut album 6 feet Beneath the Moon in 2013, listeners have been gagging for new material, and it looks like they finally have it.


With the release of two new singles in 2017, fans of King Krule are hopeful of a new album in the forthcoming months; especially due to the announcement of a UK tour this Autumn. This tour is definitely a sign that something magical is to come from the London-based solo artist, due to the scarce amount of live shows he plays.

Angel Witney



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