Toff for PM?

Georgia Toffolo, most commonly known as ‘Toff’ is the 23 year old blonde bombshell, who is most well-known for winning the most recent series of ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’. As well as being a white, privileged, socialite, Toff has recently utilised her platform to advocate her political support for the Conservatives, appearing on multiple reality shows and interviews expressing her passion and support for the party. Despite all of the Tory bashing appearing on my twitter feed, it is clear that Toff should not be condemned for her political persuasion, but the reality that her ideology is fundamentally flawed and misunderstood.


The clip of Toff on ‘Celebs go Dating’ circulated social media extensively, receiving so much criticism that E4 deleted the video entitled ‘Toff for PM?’; the video angered me, not due to my own self-proclaimed title of ‘Lord Left Wing’, but the hypocritical and contradictory statements Toff made. Conservatism is based on the belief in hierarchy. The idea that the working class are born into a rightful place, compared to the middle and upper class deserving their privilege, is engrained in Conservatism, provoking her claim that the party believes in prosperity to be ultimately deceiving. Being born into wealth has blinded Toff of the Cycle of Deprivation and that the working class are genuinely hindered by society’s favour of the middle class. Although Toff stated that she couldn’t understand how someone who is ‘young and wanted to do well’ could have a socialist ideology, this is merely applicable to the already privileged classes.

Toff also advocated her support of fox hunting as a ‘great British tradition’, showing her narrow-minded beliefs are motivated by her background (even though she did go to a grammar school for an entire month). The disregard for the working class’ disassociation with fox hunting as a tradition rather than merely the barbaric murder of animals, shows her closed-mindedness and lack of respect for those not from a privileged background, whom construct the majority of Britain’s population. Thus, Toff’s candidacy for PM is fundamentally flawed through her lack of empathy in terms of the working class. Her claim that the Tories have failed to utilise social media as a platform for youth support was criticised by her interviewer saying ‘but they need to have something to say’. This was a prime exemplification of the young socialite being absorbed in her own societal advantages, and a lack of respect for other walks of life.

Some may say that is what politics is; believing in policies that are primarily motivated by one’s upbringing and background. I disagree. In my eyes, a political ideology should be based on a view of a future society. In light of this, Toff’s attacks on socialism are nonsensical, as she seems to view socialism as a hindrance to prosperity, whereas it is based on equality in terms of aiding the working class. Her failure to understand life without privilege has consequentially altered her view of the Conservative party’s real goals; yes, they believe in prosperity for the higher classes, but not universally, with Conservatism being primarily based on obtaining the natural hierarchy. Toff for PM? I bloody hope not.

Angel Witney


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