May’s Roundup

As we all know, Theresa May has announced that she will be resigning on the 7th June, clearing the path for someone just as awful to take the leadership of the Conservative party. May’s resignation speech sparked controversy over the media, some calling it a poignant moment of finality and others calling her bluff for crocodile tears. Owen Jones, author and columnist for the Guardian appeared on Sky News, criticising the media’s focus on May’s emotional speech rather than the victims of her term.

“I’ve got less than no sympathy for her. She didn’t publicly break down over the victims of Windrush, who, because of her policies, were driven from their homes, denied medical care, and even kicked out the country.

She didn’t cry publicly over the dozens of working-class people who burned to death in Grenfell Tower. She didn’t weep publicly over those who’ve had their benefits stripped from them, those driven to food banks because of her policies, victims of Universal Credit”

He’s got a point. Why should the media focus on a middle class woman who will live absolutely comfortably and did a very shoddy job at doing anything whilst being Prime Minister? The focus should be on those who’s lives have been destroyed due to Tory policy.

So far there are twelve confirmed candidates for Tory leadership, with Borris Johnson looking like the most likely choice, with Dominic Raab close behind. So, our next Prime Minister is a choice between an old white guy who compared Muslim women who wore burqas to “looking like letterboxes” and another dude who said he was “probably not” a feminist. Spoilt for choice!

The leader is chosen through a twofold system that creates a ballot of candidates and the incumbent Tory MPs vote, take the candidate with the lowest votes off the list, and continue this process until only two candidates remain. Then, the votes are opened to the Conservative party’s 150,000 members to decide the leader.

Before us fellow Labour members try and hijack the vote, I checked and it’s only Tory members who have had membership for three months before nominations opened. Shame.

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