Illegally Blonde

This week has seen one of, if not the most significant court ruling of our lifetimes; Boris Johnson’s attempt to suspend Parliament has been deemed unlawful by the Supreme Court. Let me say that again, the Prime Minister of the UK has attempted to undergo something that our judicial system sees as illegal. If that’s not enough, in true Boris-Pinocchio style, he has lied about his intentions and actively expressed disagreement with the supreme court ruling.

The PM claimed that he wanted to suspend Parliament to implement a new legislative strategy and start afresh with a number of issues like education funding, knife crime and climate change. He has denied allegations that his intentions where to pass a Brexit deal before the 31st October without the scrutiny from Parliament, something inherently undemocratic, unlawful and politically unheard of.

It cannot be a coincidence that Johnson wanted to do this for five weeks up until the EU’s deadline for Brexit. It is clear that instead of finding a collective good and deliberating Brexit in a fair and democratic fashion, the PM has tried to sack off the other 649 elected MPs and do it his way.

Many MPs including Nicola Sturgeon has suggested that Johnson should resign, whilst others are calling for a General Election as the current government do not hold a majority. A bill is being put to Parliament later today to debate this.

Alongside that, the PM’s best-bud US President Donald Trump has an official impeachment enquiry after holding back aid to the Ukraine in order to pressure their leader into information that would compromise his opponent, Joe Biden, in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Trump responded to this saying he did discuss Biden with Ukrainian leader Mr Zelensky but denied that he exerted pressure on him to exploit his rival and says that his hold of Ukrainian funds was a tactical way to increase other European countries’ donations.

He expressed his victimisation in a series of tweets calling a ‘witch hunt’ and claiming that no other President has ‘been treated so badly’ as him.

In short, today marks a dyer day in Western political history. The leaders of supposedly two of the most progressive and democratic countries in the world have violated clauses of the constitution and proven they are not to be trusted running the country.

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