Artist of the Week: Shannon Pinnell

“At first, I had no plan as to what aspect of youth culture I wanted to focus on, I just took my camera out with me and shot anything.”


Shannon Pinnell is a photographer from Bedford, England. ‘Growing Pains’ is a photography series based on youth culture and friendships formed during our teenage years.

shannon 4

When I looked back at all of my images, there were way over 100 photos so I kind of just put them all into separate groups and this group was the one that stood out the most.”


Friendship and closeness stands out straight away. Whilst being candid, those in the photos seem completely open around each other, even in shots there are people just by themselves in the frame; the photographer is still there on the other side of the camera who they have some sort of relationship with.


“I arranged the photos so gradually it gets darker, people get closer and people become more intoxicated even to the point where the camera itself doesn’t actually work properly anymore.”


Shannon is inspired by artists such as Chloe Sheppard, Richard Billingham, Cindy Sherman, Corrine Day and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

shanon 9

Shannon is currently at her second year of Bedford College studying photography and hopes to go on to UWE in Bristol next year to study fashion communications.

Artist of the Week: Liv Jarman

I feel that photography is an escape from the real world for me. I can capture people through the beauty I see them in.”

liv 5

Liv Jarman is an inspiring young portrait photographer from Birmingham that is currently exploring different aspects of photography. At the age of 17, Liv has done photography around 6 years in and outside school, as well as currently studying art.

“The one thing that I truly value about photography or any art form is that there are no boundaries for what you can do with it.”


Liv was surprisingly inspired by the modelling industry to start photography.

“I found it compelling and captivating how photographers such as David Bailey and Corinne Day captured the purity and gracefulness of the models.”

Liv hopes to study photography at Manchester university next year.

Find Liv on twitter @livv4everr for more of her work.

Artist of the Week: Chloe Nicholls

“From an early age, I was interested in the idea of capturing a moment and forever having it to look at. I began taking photos with a small digital camera when I was 10”

Chloe Nicholls is a young photographer from South Wales, primarily interested in exploring conceptual ideas through her photography. Chloe strives for minimalism in her photos, but has recently branched out into portraiture and documentary photography; shooting both digital and film.

“I’m now 17 and still expanding on my knowledge, equipment and experience. My first real inspiration for photography was William Eggleston – the saturated colours in his prints stood out to me and inspired me to pick up a film camera. Now, I find inspiration through looking at light and form, and how that accentuates the particular subject I’m shooting.”

chloe 7

“Multiverse” is a series of photos using mirrors in natural environments. Chloe explains how “the mirror acts as a window or doorway to provide a different perspective of the same landscape, thus exploring the idea of multiple realities existing at one time”

Chloe’s inspiration for this series came from Daniel Kukla and his photography using mirrors.

“I have always found photography to be therapeutic and a good way to distract myself from daily life.”

In the future, Chloe hopes to study for a degree in photography and become a full time photographer.

To see more of Chloe’s work, you can visit her Instagram or Tumblr following the links below: